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  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 600 Australian dollars
  • 209 Nelson Street

Service Description

If you have to remove 3 areas such as Eyebrows Eyeliner and lip tattooing, please book this service. This is the most effective method of tattoo removal. Q-Switched ND-YAG Laser can effectively remove grey, black, dark blue, brown, red and bright orange colors. You can see a partial effect right after procedure however the completed result can be achieved only in 2-6 month after your lymphatic system utilizes the particles of the pigment. The full session time frame is 3 hours, however the processing of each area takes about 15 minutes. The skin surface is not damaged during the procedure however the swelling and light bruising can take place in some cases. The quantity of procedures you need to undertake for full removal or for enough removal for cover-up depends on many factors such skin type, metabolism rate, age, life style, hormone balance, scarring in treated area, quantity of pigment, its depth and age of tattoo.

Cancellation Policy

Booking fee – A $110 (inc.GST). This is NOT a deposit, this is a time reserving and supplying fee however IT WILL BE CONTRIBUTED TO YOUR PROCEDURE COST, when you attend your session. (We DON'T charge it on top of your session price). The booking fee is NOT REFUNDABLE. However it MAY BE TRANSFERRED to another service or appointment time if the appointment time is changed not less than 14 days prior to the procedure. Cancellation – booking fee can’t be refunded at any conditions. Reschedule - should be done not less than 14 days prior to the procedure. In case of late cancellation (less than 14 days) the booking fee can’t be transferred to another appointment, as due to sensitive character of our services, it's unlikely that your time slot can be filled by another client and it will cause a loss to our business. So this fee will cover our studio expenses (apportioned to each time slot) such as a rent, professional insurances, studio license, site service & hosting, education of the artist, studio equipment, consumables and time which are used to prepare the booked session. The booking fee won’t be refunded or transferred in case of 1- late rescheduling, 2- no-show, 3- rescheduling after late arrival, 4- late notice about attending not all sessions at multiple bookings, 5 - cancellations. An additional $110 booking fee will be required for appointment booking/rescheduling. In case of late cancellation/rescheduling after manual booking (without booking fee), we reserve the right to charge the late cancellation fee of $110. The cost of Touch-up (Stage2) procedure is not included in the original procedure fee. The cost of “touch-up” procedure is approximately 30% of original procedure of current pricing schedule on condition that the time interval between original procedure and touch-up procedure is no more than 12 weeks. The cost of “annual refresh” procedure is also discounted in comparison with the initial session price and varies depending on the time interval between last touch-up session and annual refresh procedure. In case if this interval is longer than 2 years the full fee will be applied for the refresh session. For the latest prices please check out price list on All prices quoted are subject to change without notice. All purchases and services are final, and any refunds are not applied. Touch-up/Refresh fees are applied only for returned clients. Re-colouring of Cosmetic Tattooing done previously by any other technician is not a “touch-up” or “refresh” procedure since it is not original work by Anna Ocko. Such works are called “cover-up” procedures. The fees for “cover-up” procedures are referred to as a new procedure and charged accordingly. Please follow this link to know more about coverups and removals: Additional charges will apply if extensive reshaping and symmetry correction is required or pigment removal is required. Two or more appointments may be necessary to achieve and complete the procedures depending on each individual situation. Number of procedures averages between 2 to 3 sessions, followed by annual refresh will be required. Multiple sessions (3 or more procedures) are usually required to achieve satisfactory results in following procedures: spots camouflage, scars tattooing including camouflage, artificial cheeks blush, large eye shadows, complex cover-up procedures, regular procedures for clients with relative contraindications, also on a case by case circumstance some clients may require more than one “refresh” per year to achieve a satisfactory result. In cases if additional perfecting sessions are required additional fees will apply. Non-compliance of aftercare instructions – If the client does not follow the instruction of correct healing and aftercare (according to your aftercare card) no claims will be accepted by technician. If the loss of pigment is a result of picking or forcibly removing scabs, causing loss of pigment, any repeat procedure resulting will be at the cost of the client. Due to liability reasons no children under the age of 18 will be permitted to undertake permanent make-up procedures by Anna Ocko. Right to refusal – In case if client does not meet the criteria of the procedure the technician reserves the right to decline undertaking any procedure. We accept following payment options: 1. cash and (no surcharges), 2. bank direct deposit (no surcharges), 2. credit/debit cards (1.6% fee), 3. zip pay (6.5% fee).

Contact Details

  • 209 Nelson Street, Ballarat East VIC, Australia

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