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This is a Cosmetic Tattoo Course for Advanced Artists

The course is focused on natural European Eyebrow PMU techniques with demonstration of one of these techniques “Cloud in Cloud” on a Male model. You’ll see a full Male Ombre Eyebrow Session using two needles and two pigments. You’ll find out what’s special about hybrid pigments, how to choose a machine & cartridge for a fluffy natural effect.


The course includes

  • Particularities of Russian/European shading technique and its comparison with traditional old school cosmetic tattooing:

  • The design and concept of eyebrows, Technical solution to achieve the result, Healed look, Pigment Implantation Approach, Duration of session,

  • Character of passes, Hand Speed, Strokes and Motions, Skin Stretch, Depth and Density,

  • Machine Characteristics: Stroke/Give /Voltage, Needles Configurations/ Diameters/Tapers/Membrane characteristics

  • Pigments, organics, minerals and hybrids,

  • Stages of the procedure,

  • Shading schemas for each stage,

  • Video demonstration of each stage on the male model.

  • Photo demonstration of the case Before/ Right After/Healed Result/Right after Touch-up session.


The presentation includes:

  • Verbal explanations,

  • Info graphics,

  • Photo examples,

  • Video demonstration on the live male model.


The cost of the course includes:

  • mp4 video file, straight after a purchase

  • electronic certificate with high resolution (png format) by Beaushade PMU Academy will be sent to your email within 1 work day.


If you would like to know more how to do a brow shape please follow our 3D Brow Architecture & Perfect Sketching Class which includes all Brow Architecture Rules and Principles, Sketching theory and its demonstration with the most popular tools such as Mapping line, Pencil, Eyeshadows, Brow Pomade, Brow Henna, Cosmetic Tattooing ( you'll watch a full Ombre Eyebrows procedure on a mannequin with the shading schema illustration). 

If you have some additional questions follow the course please collect them and email to

If you would like to receive some additional consultations to discuss some particular cases, request additional information about supplies and methods which are not included in our course subject please purchase business support here:


We will discuss all your questions within these business support sessions.

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