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Zip – Own It Now Pay Later!

Want it

Create your account in moments and select 
Zip at checkout

Get it

We pay the store, 
you get the goods, 
nothing to pay today

Own it

Choose how you 
pay us back over time, 
interest free

The smarter way to pay for what you want today
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Reusable account
Interest free
Flexible payments

We give you one account with one monthly statement, no matter how many times you shop

No interest, hidden fees or 
upfront payments

Choose repayments that suit your lifestyle – weekly, fortnightly or monthly. minimum $40 a month

We own easy

We only charge a $6 monthly account fee when you have an outstanding account balance. 

If you pay off your balance by the due date, we’ll waive the fee. 

That's it. Easy.

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  • What is Zip Pay?
    Zip is an easy and flexible payment method which gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later at thousands of Australia’s favourite stores and clinics.
  • How does it work?
    Create your account online or at Beaushade. You will then be asked to confirm your purchase. Your order will be processed immediately – Zip pays on your behalf! (Subject to approval- this process takes only seconds!) You then you pay the amount back to Zip over time in easy weekly or monthly payments – interest-free of course
  • Am I eligible for Zip?
    To be eligible to apply for a Zip Pay account, you need to be aged 18 or over, and an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident. You’ll also need to have a PayPal, Facebook or LinkedIn account in your own name, as well as your own valid and verifiable email address and mobile number. Zip then apply their responsible lending criteria to each application and you’ll get a response within seconds! As this is an application for credit, please ensure that all personal information you provide is accurate and your own. False information will result in your application being unsuccessful.
  • What fees and interest apply?
    Interest? Absolutely none – all Zip Pay purchases are 100% interest-free, always. Zip Pay lets you buy now and pay later, with flexible, interest-free repayment options. Monthly fee? There is a monthly account fee that only applies if you have an amount owing on your account. So if you’ve paid your balance off in full by the end of the month, Zip will waive it – no balance, no fee. The fee is $6 and is applied on the 1st of each month. Late fee? Zip may charge a late fee if your payment is 21 days overdue and you haven’t contacted them to discuss the reason.
  • Zip Pay or Zip Money?
    Zip Pay: Zip Pay is an everyday account that is interest-free always and is perfect for frequent shoppers and everyday use. Each month you’ll receive a statement & have until the end of next month to pay back with no fees. A minimum repayment of $40/mth (or balance if less) is required, but you can, of course, pay back your balance faster if you like. Zip Money: Zip Money offers account limits from $1000 up and can be used for those big ticket items you have had your eye on but may want to pay overtime, on your terms. Minimum repayments start at $40 per month, however, they may be higher depending on your account type and credit limit. You can also make lump sum payments whenever you like to pay back your balance faster and avoid interest. Some Zip Money accounts require a one-off set up fee, which is determined by your credit limit. Zip Money accounts also incur interest from 19.9% p.a.
  • How do refunds work?
    If you’d like to obtain a refund on a Zip purchase, you’ll need to contact Beaushade directly and follow our normal refunds process. Once a refund has been processed (subject to our refund policy), the refunded amount will appear in your Zip account straight away. If a refund puts your account into credit, you can contact the Zip Customer Care team to arrange to have the funds returned to you. Alternatively, you can use these funds towards your next purchase.
Still have questions about Zip?
Zip is an Australian ASX listed company.
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