Purchasing this product you arrange a deposit for participation in the Online Ombre Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing training which commences on the 3-4th of December on Skype platform. It won't be a short webinar, it will be a full version of our advanved class in online format for those who want to study with us but can't travel.We offer you 2 days of extensive training – aprox 8 hours a day (Melbourne time) for studying advance theory, working on latex and live model with gentle machine shading. We will study and carry out the most advanced Ombre eyebrow technique - "Cloud in Cloud".  We will answer common questions asked by all PMU masters: ✅ Where exactly do we place pigment in the skin structure? Why and when do we lose retention? ✅ How to achieve good retention on “bad” skin? ✅ How to get fluffy texture or pixels in PMU? ✅ How to create your own pigment mixes? What recipes can we use? ✅ How to avoid cold or red tones after healing? ✅ Why do we see the repeated unwanted colour after neutralization and how to address this? ✅ How to choose the correct needle? What needles suit specific skin types? ✅ Which machines are the best for fine shading? ✅ How to work with scarring in treated area? ✅ What is unusual in tapping manual method? ✅ How to build ideal shape of eyebrows? ✅ How to correct the shape without changing the form? ✅ How to create fine gradients in the beginnings of Ombre-eyebrows? ✅ How to perform complex cover-ups with multiple colour correctionsThe payment is non-refundable in case of receiving the training and cancellation less than 48 hours before the course.On-line distribution.Apicable for one person only, not tranferable, not permited for reproduction outside Beaushade PMU Academy, for sole use only.

Deposit for Ombre Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing Live Course 3-4 December

  • The product is offered only via online distribution. Applicable for one person only, not tranferable, not permited for reproduction outside Beaushade PMU Academy or resale, for sole use only. The product is non-refundable. 

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