This is a booking fee for any procedure at Beaushade Cosmetic Tattoo Studio with the PMU artist Anna Ocko (Pezina).


It is a time reserving and supplying fee.

In case of late cancellation (less than 7 days) this amount can’t be refunded as this fee is covering our studio expenses (apportioned to each time slot) such as a rent, professional insurances, studio license, site service & hosting, education of the artist, studio equipment, consumables and time which are used to prepare the booked session.

Please make sure you cancel your booking 7 days prior to the booked date and please insure that the reason of your cancellation is important as due to sensitive character of our services it's unlikely that your time slot can be filled by another client and causes a loss to our business.


Please view our clients consent in the link  you receive after paiment and read some information about cosmetic tattooing, how it works, what contraindications it has and what are pretreatment advices here:

Booking and Supplying Fee for Manual Booking

  • The product is applicable for one person only, confidencial,  not tranferable,  non-refundable in case of late cancellation (as mentioned above).