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This is a reliable Korean product for long lasting lash lifting. It also can be used for brow lift and laminating. It changes the hair structure of lashes or eyebrow hairs, lifting and fixing them iin to a more beautiful direction and creating a more beneficial shape. A special coating solution brings a nurishing effect and improve a quality of eyelashes and brow hairs.The kit includes

1. Detailed comprehensive instruction (steps, times, how to apply)

2. Eyelash perming cream Step 1,

3. Eielash perming cream Step 2

4. Eyelash perming glue with brush

5. Eyelash coating essence with brush6. Silicone rods in storage case 5 pairs (S,M,L,UM,UL)

7. Eyelash perming stick in plastic case

8. Patelle for creams

9. Y-Brushes 5 pieces,

10. Microbrushes

Lash Lift and Brow Laminating Kit

  • The product is non-refundable and non-returnable.

  • Shipping in Australia via standart post (up to 7 business days) 

    For international orders please select your destination during check out.

    If your location isn't available please contact us to arrange a quote (the shipment time will depend on the shipment provider).

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