Dr.Drawing Salmon DNA Rejuvenation Serum, 10 Ampoules, 7ml

Salmon DNA Rejuvenation Serum

SKU: 00030
  • Korean Salmon DNA Serum ampoules  is a mixture of various peptide ingredients. This product has a certificate of quality from the Korean Cosmetic Association. Key features include:

    • It helps to remove toxins,
    • it cleanses the skin, 
    • It improves the skin regeneration,
    • it activates fibroblasts in the dermis,
    • it increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
    • it improves the tone of the skin.
    • it improves the texture of the skin, which becomes softer and silky smooth.
    • it privides a nourishing, moisturizing, lifting and lightening of the skin.

    This serum should be used in conjunction with Dermapen, and 36-needle cartridge is recommended.
    There are no age and seasonal restrictions. The result is visible after the first procedure. The procedure should be performed as a course with an 4-6 weeks interval. 

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