This lot includes1. Video training (mp4 file)2. Dr.Pen Machine Ultima 1-W,3. Nano Cartriges (for BB-Glow) - 10 pieces,4. BB Glow Serum, mixed box of each colour of Dr.Drawing (10 Ampoules, 7ml):#1 - 2 ampoules,#2 - 3 ampoules, #3 - 2 ampoules,#4 - 3 ampoules.5. Repair Cream Dr/Drawing (for BB-Glow and Microneedling) - 20 sachets,6. The Ordinary Peeling Solution Lactic Acid 10% -1 bottle 30ml.7. Cosmetic Brush - 1 piece8. Promo Posters for BBGlow - setThe video self-training course includes the complete information about the European protocol of BB-Glow procedure, based on a topical serum application, without TiO2 or EGF penetration.The course covers theoretical materials, a protocol of the procedure with a demonstration of the whole BB-Glow procedure. You will know all abour the area of serum implantation (Skin theory), Equipment, Cartridges, Technique (motions, quantity of application), Steps of the procedure, inc. Pretreatment and Aftertreatment.The full list of cosumables you need is included in this course as well. The cost of the course includes- mp4 video file,- electronic certificate with high resolution (png format) after the successful completion of our questionnaire . The video file will be sent to your email adress withing 2 hours after the online purchace. In order to receive a certificate please contact us via email: and provide us:1- your full name,2- filled questionnaire form confirming your knowledge. Upon successful completion you will be sent an electronic copy of your certificate by Beaushade PMU Academy.

BB-Glow Video training + Starter Kit

  • The ampules for BB-Glow treatment, which after 3 treatment allows to achieve the glow, radiant, pore less looking skin for up to 3 months.

    This product will give you an immediate skin brightening and rejuvenation effect. These skin colour brightening ampoules have Korean Cosmetic Certificate and have 100% safe and natural ingredients. 

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